Having been given the opportunity to view the film “Objectified”, there were many things said and brought up that stood out to me. I will however, just focus on three. “Design is the search for form”. Andrew Blauvelt stated this short but impactful quote. I never had thought about design like that. Or maybe I had and just didn’t know it? Yes I know design is many things, but to me it is being able to create new products, placing your ideas out in the world, and it really is a search for form. It could be a search for a new form or to better an exciting form. However you go about designing, don’t forget it’s a process and you need to search after that new form.

Vice President of Apple and Industrial Designer, Sir Jonathan Paul Ive brought up process and said. “The design of this wasn’t in many ways the design of the physical thing it was figuring out process, its really important in a product to have a sense of the hierarchy what’s important and what’s not important… an indicator has a value when it indicates something but if its not indicating something it shouldn’t be there, its one of those funny things spending so much time making it less conspicuous and less obvious”. I believe Jonathan Ive said it precisely.

If it’s not for the process you put into the design and project then you will never be able to really create something unique, what’s important.

The third quote that stood out to me, that I would like to talk about is by Dan Formosa of Smart Design. Formosa said, “If we can understand what the extremes are then the middle will take care of itself”. I love this quote, this idea. And it makes perfect sense. Design for each end of the spectrum and it will cover everything in-between. We can’t, as designers, just focus on the average person. That’s easy. We need to think about everyone, everything. Designers are here to create things to better one another and to better everyone, not just settle for the average.

“Objectified”, raised a few questions for me. What can I do to be a better and more conscious designer? What is my design process?

Did “Objectified” raise a few questions for you and or how would you answer my questions?


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