Jon Paul Orrock White

I am a designer focused on the betterment of people and life.

Hello! I am an Industrial Designer by trade, who is highly passionate about all things design. However having battled and overcome two rounds of Leukemia I see life a little differently and consider myself a survivor and determined to make a positive mark. I am an avid snowboarder, longboarder, outdoorsman, traveler, husband, and wearer of many unique eyeglass frames. While I take pride in working hard, I make sure to continue to step back, look, listen, and appreciate what is already around us!

I graduated from ASU’s Industrial Design program in 2015. While I learned a lot, and loved it, I continue to keep learning any chance I can get.

I strive on being detail-oriented in my creativity and to see the little things. I focus on service design, human centered design, user experience, and the details.

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