“Discover Your Design Alter-Ego” It is interesting taking tests on who you are or what you like. Some are beyond boring and far from right. However, other tests are creepily right, almost as if the writers of the test are straight from your own head, your own creative team hard at work reminding you who you are. That’s how I like to think of it at least.

Taking this, “Discover Your Design Alter-Ego”, test was clever and pretty close to what I am like. At least what I am like when it comes to design. Hi I am Karla (Karla Grosch) Gropius (Walter Gropius) and I try to pay close attention to design, and also I respect design! “As a member of the Bauhaus elite I believe in total art, clean lines and massive parties. Especially the parties.”

I took this test not knowing what the final outcome would be. I was presently surprised when I read the answer. Actually I was super excited over it.

I might not think exactly like Walter Gropius or Karla Grosch but I would like to think that I will help improve and make a difference in this world with the help of design, and a few parties to keep life exciting.

Design has always been apart of my life, even when I didn’t know it. I want people to know that if it wasn’t for design or the arts then what would we have? Even this world was designed in its own natural way. I try to look at everything with a design eye, and try to see why it is like that and not like this? And earlier in the quote it says I believe in parties, this is true. Life should be enjoyed and looked at as a party. It helps bring out the fun, the excitement that life and design has to offer. It helps us relax and think differently. “Design for yourself, create for others, be inspired by all”.

Jon Paul O. White


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