Not THE Story but A Story

This is not The story, just A story:

It starts out with a kid, a somewhat normal kid, who would submerge himself into other worlds to find new life, happier life. But a few times in his life the real world around him was torn and shaken and dropped from under his feet. So this once normal kid was now not so normal. He had to find a way to become stronger in those times of the bright, yet cold and strange hallways. He had to design and create a silver lining for when his life wasn’t so much his own life but everyone else’s around him, poking, pinching, holding, talking, listening, breathing. But during these strange times, he found happiness through creating and designing, by building and solving.

Creating and solving brought happiness and strength. There was no time to be shaken up, just time to grow and be happy. In the end he pieced his life back together to be more positive, stronger, happier, and to never forget his passion and love for creating. So in this short story of this not so normal kid I have learned that to have control of your own life you must find happiness in every moment, be creative, don’t over think it, and have fun with every new world you encounter.

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