Why are we still creating?

 Here is a question to ask yourself. Why do people create, when there are already great solutions and services available in the marketplace?

 For me I believe there are obvious reasons and non obvious reasons. And now I’ll explain some of those reasons. For some people in this world they are always wanting more things, they are wanting new and better products, items, gadgets, knickknacks, and people believe they can get them. We have created so much in the past what’s stopping us from creating more and making those solutions and services that much greater? There will probably come a point in some things, where we can’t move on but I believe that is very limited and it will be a while before we can stop being creative and innovated.

Another reason I believe people create, when we technically don’t need to, is we want to. We want to push ourselves more and be able to come up with new things. It is a comfort, a motivation, and a way to escape the normal way of thinking. I create because it’s exciting and almost a meditation for me. People are here to not just be in existence. We are here to grow, to push ourselves, to progress. Creativity is just that, as long as that creativity doesn’t cause you to obsess over one particular item. If that obsession happens then you are not creating anymore but almost digressing.

 Some people create for money. They believe if they can keep putting things out in the marketplace then they can keep gaining profit. And that isn’t a bad thing or a good thing. It just depends on what you see important at that time and if that can help in your creativity then I believe it’s a positive thing.

There are so many other ways and reasons why people create and I could probably go on for a while, but I will just bring up this last subject and let others and myself think a little more, and be creative on coming up with other reason on this topic. The last thing is there is always room for creativity and improving solutions and services out there. As I said there might be an end to a solution or service but very rarely do we get there. So there is no reason to give up and stop being creative. Creativity can help others, can help yourself, it can motivate, comfort, and give a purpose to individuals or communities. Creativity is designing and design can be found in all of us. People should never give up on creating. Where would we be now if our ancestors gave up being creative?


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